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How to enhance adult learning

We are happy to present the collaborative efforts of three schools from Barcelona, Cluj-Napoca, and Budapest. Supported by Erasmus+, we have embarked on a mission to enhance adult learning in our communities and create valuable materials and best practices that can benefit schools across Europe.


Thank you for visiting our website! Here you will find a wealth of information about our project, including our collaborative activities, achievements, and the materials we have created. We invite you to explore and use these resources, adapting them to suit your specific context and needs.

Our aim is to foster a culture of lifelong learning, focusing on empowering parents to engage in continuous personal and professional development.


Through this collaborative effort, we bring together diverse perspectives and invaluable input from educators, parents, and experts in the field of adult learning.


Together, we've embarked on a journey of exploration and innovation, developing a wide range of practical resources, tools, and methodologies. These materials are designed to be both inspiring and adaptable, allowing other educational communities to tailor them to their specific needs and contexts.


By sharing our collective experiences, insights, and best practices, we believe we can make a significant contribution to strengthening the adult learning movement across Europe.


We warmly invite you to delve into the rich array of information, activities, and materials available on this website, and join us in this exciting journey to make a lasting, positive impact on adult learning initiatives throughout Europe.

Our Projects


Empowering Parents with Critical Thinking Skills. 

Provides valuable resources for schools to conduct workshops and training sessions for parents about Critical Thinking. We aim to empower both parents and schools to collaboratively foster critical thinking skills in children, creating a more thoughtful and informed generation.


Effective Feedback for Parents: Supporting Your Child's Growth

In this section you will find tools and resources for schools and parents to learn practical strategies for providing constructive feedback.

Gain the skills and confidence to engage in productive conversations that nurture their development and success.


Your Child's Learning Journey with AI and Technology

Help to empower parents to harness the potential of technology and AI as a powerful ally in their children's education. Learning to navigate the digital landscape, leveraging AI-driven educational tools, and creating a balanced tech environment to enhance child's learning experience.

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